Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Standifer Gap Seventh-day Adventist Church Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA




Job Summary

The pastor, called as a servant leader of the church, is commissioned by the Conference Committee to proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour and serves the church as its spiritual leader.

Job Description

The nature and role of the pastor is determined by our understanding of the nature and mission of the church. The church is a worshipping, praying, witnessing, proclaiming, enabling, loving, serving, discipling and confessing community of believers sent into the world to represent Christ. The ministry of the church is the responsibility of every member of the body of the church. Pastors are called both to perform their ministries of soulwinning and shepherding the flock of Christ, and to enable and encourage the other members of Christ's body to fulfill their ministries and exercise the spiritual gifts imparted to them. The pastor works in harmony with the objectives, plans and policies of the conference, the church(es) and church board(s) he serves. Where the pastor serves in a multiple staff church he is referred to as the senior pastor and where a ministerial intern is on the staff the relationship with the intern is that of being the supervisory pastor.

Job Duties

1. Member of the following committees:

Church board

School board

Board of elders

Conference constituency meeting

Union constituency session as outlined in N.P.U.C. constitution

Board of deacons

Board of deaconesses

Personal ministries council

2. Advisor to the following committees/ groups:

Sabbath School council

Nominating committee

Finance committee

Social committee

3. Chairman of the church in business session

4. Evangelist

A. Bible studies with non-members of the church

B. Work with the personal ministries council in encouraging lay community involvement in:

Bible seminars

lngathering and follow-up

The caring and sharing ministry

Home Bible studies

C. Encourage and plan public evangelistic meetings

Held by lay members

Held by guest evangelists

Held by pastor

D. Work with personal ministries leaders and health /temperance secretary in seminars such as

Stop smoking clinics

Nutrition seminars

Stress Management, etc.

E. Work with communications secretary in promoting the church in the public media

5. Preacher/ Pastor

A. Personal

Take time for daily personal Bible study, spiritual growth and physical exercise.

Plan for a day off each week.

Provide for some time with the family each day.

Take yearly vacations

B. Preparation of sermons Sabbath Midweek

C. Officiate in:




Dedication of children


6. Shepherd

A. Visiting church members

Know spiritual condition of each member


Absent members


Sick (Coordinate with first elder, General Sabbath School Superintendent, head deacon and head deaconess regarding sick and discouraged)


B. Counseling and guidance

7. Promoter (work with specific area leader in promoting)

A. Conference and church objectives



Any program determined for area by conference administration and /or local church to be emphasized especially by the pastor

B. Advisor of various church ministries

C. Periodical campaigns





D. Church school

E. Sabbath School

F. Church newsletter

Job Relationships

The pastor is responsible to the church(es) he serves in leading out in fulfilling the objectives, plans and policies of the church through its board or church business sessions and is directly responsible to the conference president, secretary, treasurer and ultimately to the Conference Executive Committee.