Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Standifer Gap Seventh-day Adventist Church Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA




Job Summary

The assistant pastor is called as a servant leader to proclaim Christ, our Lord and Saviour, and serves the church to become fully oriented to all phases of ministerial labor, both in its pastoral and evangelistic aspects. Job Description The term assistant pastor is understood in this booklet to mean a conference employee who serves the church(es) as a ministerial intern. He serves as an assistant to the senior pastor. In this relationship the senior pastor is often referred to as the supervising pastor.

Job Duties

1. With reference to the church (in harmony with /and under the direction and supervision of the senior pastor in the following areas of responsibilities):

A. Visitation - members and non-members

B. Speaking - preaching, youth meetings, funerals, mid-week services, etc.

C. Committees - should plan to attend church board, business meetings, school board elders' meetings, etc.

D. Bible studies - should plan to conduct and assist lay members in giving Bible studies on a regular weekly program

E. Hospital visits - will visit all SDA patients and interests in the hospital

F. Youth activities - should take a special interest in the youth

Sabbath School - to be a resource person and give direction

Pathfinders - to be a resource person and give direction

Youth meetings - to be a resource person and give direction

Youth In Service - to be a resource person and give direction

G. Special services - observe and assist in:








Evangelism - public and private

Attend as many church-sponsored functions as possible

2. With reference to the senior pastor:

A. Cooperate with the senior pastor in serving and leading the church

B. Attend all staff meetings

C. Plan a balanced, workable program with the senior pastor

D. Provide a weekly report at staff meeting of duties and plans

E. Assist in church administrative duties

3. Personal:

A. Take time each day for Bible study, prayer and exercise

B. Plan for one day off each week

C. Provide some time each day to be with the family

Job Relationships

The assistant pastor is responsible to the senior pastor, the conference officers and ultimately to the Conference Executive Committee.