Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Standifer Gap Seventh-day Adventist Church Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA




Job Description

The head elder is the most important lay leader in the local church. He is the shepherd's shepherd. He is the one charged with the spiritual leadership of the church in cooperation with the pastor when one is assigned to the local church. With the pastor, he is the spiritual leader of the church and is responsible, under Christ, for the spiritual life of the church and its officers. He is the coordinator of the spiritual ministry of the other elders.


In addition to the other qualifications of an elder, this person should be one the whole church recognizes as deeply spiritual, a person full of the Spirit, who the whole church can look to as a spiritual leader and example.

Job Duties

1. To coordinate the ministry of the other elders, such as a Sabbath schedule of duties

2. To lead out in planning and chairing elders' meetings

3. To be an active member of the church board

4. To function as the spiritual leader of the church participating, as far as possible, in the spiritual activities of the church, such as prayer meeting, etc.

5. To work cooperatively with the pastor in promoting the church's unity to its members, the community, and the world

6. To work cooperatively with the pastor in coordinating the elders' meetings with the pastor and the other ministries of the church

7. To provide and review job descriptions for church officers and committee heads and division leaders

Job Relationships

The head elder of the church is responsible to the pastor and the church board of the church in which membership is held.