Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Standifer Gap Seventh-day Adventist Church Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA




Job Summary

The head deacon is under the general direction of the church board in counsel with the pastor appointed by the Conference Committee. The deacon is responsible for the care of the church property, for the sick, to relieve the poor and aid the unfortunate. The deacon is responsible to the head deacon and the church board of the church in which he holds membership.

Job Description

The deacons are selected according to I Timothy 3:8-12, and must be loyal Seventh-day Adventist Christians, members of this church. They must be ordained by the ministry and must be faithful and loyal in support of the church through tithes and offerings, concern for the spiritual life of the church members, regular in attendance, just. holy and of sound doctrine. Personal appearances and manner of dress are to conform to the standards of the church, setting an example of modesty and decorum.

Job Duties

1. Keep the church building in repair 2. See that the church building and grounds are kept clean 3. See that the church grounds are attractively landscaped and maintained

4. Assist in the celebration of the ordinances of the church

A. Provide water and containers for the ordinance of foot washing

B. Serve the bread and the wine

C. Properly dispose of the remaining bread and wine

5. Assist the male candidates at baptismal services

6. Usher for Sabbath School and church

A. Be on duty as scheduled with the head deacon

B. Keep doors -closed so end of adult Sabbath School is not disturbed by early arrival of children

C. Regulate ventilation temperature and light in the sanctuary

D. See that seats are reserved near the rear door for parents with small children

E. Take up offering and give to the treasurer

7. Open and close church on Sabbath (see "Deacons--specific duties")

8. Keep log of installations, maintenance, and repairs to the church

9. Follow the example of the Bible deacons and be interested and involved in the spiritual nurture of the members and the evangelistic outreach of the church

10. A special responsibility of flit, deacons is concern far and ministering to the needs of the sick, needy and unfortunate members at the church

11. To train and counsel deacons when these are selected by the church

12. Head deacon is chairman of the board of deacons, and is to hold semi-annual meeting of deacons, and review repairs and maintenance to the church facility; schedule same and follow through to completion

Job Relationships

The head deacon oversees the above duties and is responsible to and a member of the church board. He is a member of the finance committee. The deacons are responsible to the head deacon.


A. Opening the Church on Sabbath

1. Arrive early enough to have the church open and ready for the Sabbath services

2. Unlock doors

3. Before announcements, have offering plates available in the designated place and make sure offering deacons are alerted

4. Close doors just before announcements

5. Be available to distribute designated materials

B. Closing the Church

1. Straighten hymnals and envelopes in pews before leaving the church

2. Pick up litter and left items on premises (church, S.S. area, fellowship dinner area, etc.)

3. Make sure thermostat is lowered in church and Sabbath School rooms

4. Turn off all lights

5. Lock all exterior doors and check to see if they are tightly shut