Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Standifer Gap Seventh-day Adventist Church Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA




Job Summary

The head deaconess is under the general direction of the church board in counsel with the pastor appointed by the Conference Committee. The deaconesses are responsible to the head deaconess and the church board of the church in which they hold membership.

Job Description

The deaconess is a leader in arranging for the care of the sick, needy and unfortunate of the church. She assists in the church ordinances. The deaconess cooperates with the deacon in these responsibilities.

Job Duties

1. Assist at communion service by:

A. Providing bread and grape juice

B. Arranging the ordinance table prior to communion service

C. Leading out in the ordinance of footwashing for the women

D. Seeing that linen is laundered and glasses and basins are washed and stored

2. Assist the women candidates at baptismal services

3. Cooperate with deacons in caring for the sick, needy and unfortunate

4. Arrange food for families on the day of a funerals

5. To train and counsel junior deaconesses when these are selected by the church

Job Relationships

The head deaconess is the chairwoman of the board of deaconesses and is responsible to and is a member of the church board. The deaconesses are responsible to the chairwoman of the board of deaconesses. The board of deaconesses should meet together at least quarterly.