Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Standifer Gap Seventh-day Adventist Church Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA




Job Summary

The church treasurer is the custodian of all church funds. The treasurer attends church board and business meetings and presents to the members a statement of the financial transactions for the month.

Job Duties

1. Post tithe envelope amounts by week in ledger and balance the totals

2. Make necessary disbursements throughout the month and as authorized by the church board. Receipts of expenditures are required before reimbursement is made.

3. To deposit weekly Sabbath School and church funds collected

4. At the end of each month:

A. Post all income and outgo totals for the entire month to make up the end-of-month balance sheet

B. Prepare and send to the conference the summary report of conference and church funds received for the month. The yellow copies of the ledger pages, plus a check for the total amount of the conference funds received for the month should be sent to the conference treasurer within ten days after the last Sabbath of the month.

C. Prepare the monthly church budget report using information from the month-end balance sheet

5. Supply church members with year-end report of funds contributed 6. Notify church secretary of weekly and monthly income total

7. Provide monthly breakdowns of outgo for the general Sabbath School superintendent and personal ministries chairman 8. Provide a monthly report of funds received for the personal ministries literature fund to the personal ministries secretary 9. Serve on the finance committee

10. Provide quarterly report of financial status to the church

11. Provide confidentiality of individual church member financial records

12. Delegate duties to assistant treasurer as needed

Job Relationships

The treasurer is a member of and is responsible to the church board.