Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Standifer Gap Seventh-day Adventist Church Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA




Job Summary

The health /temperance leader is responsible for organizing health /temperance outreach in the church.

Job Duties

1, Develop and maintain a listing of all trained Adventist medical and paramedical personnel in your church. (This list provides names of resource people who can be called upon to conduct the various health /temperance programs.)

2. To lead out in planning and implementing health /temperance programs and projects. It is suggested that a year's program be worked out in advance

3. To promote healthful living and education on the dangers of smoking, drugs and alcohol in the schools in your community

4. To plan in conjunction with the pastor and conference health/ temperance director a health emphasis week (or weekend)

5. To assist in evangelistic efforts by giving and/or arranging for health lectures and demonstrations as may be requested

6. To promote the reading and study of health classes by our church members (Ministry of Healing, Counsels on Health, The Story of our Health Message, Counsels on Diet and Foods, Medical Ministry, Temperance, etc.)

7. To lead out in the annual promotion of "Listen" magazine 8. To lead out in the annual promotion of "Vibrant Life" magazine

9. In close cooperation with the local pastor and conference health /temperance department, lay plans for recruiting and training church members to become actively involved in health ministry such as nutrition, stress management, fitness, etc.

10. To promote the annual health /temperance offering in your church

11. To make a quarterly report on the provided forms to the conference health/ temperance department

12. To promote healthful living and education on the dangers of smoking, drugs, and alcohol to the schools in your community by making sure all elementary and high schools receive LISTEN Magazine (and WINNER for the lower grades) and also by giving talks and demonstrations, showing films, and arranging for materials the students may use for further study.

Job Relationships

The health /temperance secretary is a member of and is responsible to the church board, a member of the personal ministries council and one who will follow a personal program of healthful living and encourage a balanced concept of healthful living for the church and community free of extremes and fads.