Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Standifer Gap Seventh-day Adventist Church Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA




Job Summary

The church board is the regulatory and policy making group governing the activities of the church. The board coordinates all departments of the church.

Job duties

1. Consider the details of business of the church

2. Consider the financial state of the church as submitted by the treasurer

3. Consider the report of officers concerning the work for which they are responsible

4. Consider the church membership (vote to recommend to the church acceptance of members by baptisms, transfers and resignations)

5. Review and renew job descriptions and church organization authority lines

6. Nominate persons to fill vacated church and Sabbath School offices following acceptance of the nominating committee report. Such nominations to be approved by the church

7. Individual members carry out duties assigned to them by the church board, and report back when appropriate 8. Inform the church of any pertinent actions of the church board 9. Consider reports from committees or departments regarding spiritual activities of the church

10. Meet at least once a month as voted by the board

11. Implementation should be provided for all board motions that require action Members Pastor, board of elders, head deacon, head deaconess, treasurer, church clerk, personal ministries leader, personal ministries secretary, community services leader, general Sabbath School superintendent, communications secretary, health and temperance secretary, building committee chairman, youth leader, home and school fellowship leader, stewardship secretary, pathfinder leader, interest coordinator, inner-city coordinator and members-at-large as nominated by the nominating committee and elected by the church

Job Relationships

The church board is responsible to the church in business session.