Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Standifer Gap Seventh-day Adventist Church Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA




Job Summary

The board of elders is to promote and organize the work of the elders.

Job Duties

1. Meet as voted by the board of elders at least quarterly

2. Delineate current procedure for continuity of elders' functions including:

A. Communion service

Ordinance of footwashing

Bread and wine

B. Communion for shut-ins

C. Organize elders in a visitation plan

3. First elder (or chairman of board of elders) will schedule elders for worship service

4. Take time for personal Bible study

5. Discuss pertinent spiritual needs of church and implement plans for meeting these needs

6. Select an elder to represent board of elders on the Sabbath School council, personal ministries council and advisory board of church youth council


All local church elders and the pastor.

Job Relationships

The board of elders is responsible to the church board.