Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Standifer Gap Seventh-day Adventist Church Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA




Job Summary

The building committee evaluates and studies the need for capital construction projects and develops plans and makes recommendations to the church board on these projects. The building committee is responsible for having the project completed as directed by the church board.

Job Duties

1. Study and evaluate the capital construction needs of the church

2. Make a preliminary report and recommendation to the church board on each project 3. Chairman is to secure church board approval before proceeding with further project planning that might incur expenses for their development

4. Choose an architect (when necessary) and negotiate a working agreement or contract for his services

5. Determine the construction costs of the project in part or in recommended stages

6. Determine how the building project is to be constructed (by volunteers, hourly contract, firm competitive bids, or any combination of these methods)

7. Be aware of zoning, building code and parking requirements as appropriate for each project

8. Chairman is to submit for approval to the church board, then to the church in a business session, the proposed plans as recommended by the building committee

9. After church approval of proposed plans the Chairman is to:

A. Be the only liaison between the church and the construction foreman

B. Make monthly progress reports to the church board on the status of the project until it is satisfactorily completed

10. Consider suggestions from church members and officers for improving the church facilities and regarding construction projects.

Job Relationships

The building committee chairman is responsible to the church board. The building committee members are responsible to the chairman.