Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Standifer Gap Seventh-day Adventist Church Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA




Job Summary

The Sabbath School pianist is responsible for playing the piano for Sabbath School. The pianist for the adult Sabbath School division is chosen by the nominating committee. The musicians for other divisions are chosen by the Sabbath School council.

Job Duties

1. Be prepared to start on time

2. Play the piano for song service and at any other time during Sabbath School as requested by the division leader

3. Play the piano for any special music, as arranged

4. Contact someone else to be pianist if unable to be present. Notify the division leader of such

5. Head pianist prepares a schedule for pianists

6. Work with the division leader

Job Relationships

The Sabbath School pianist is responsible to the chairman of the music committee. Assistant pianists are responsible to the head pianist.