Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Standifer Gap Seventh-day Adventist Church Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA




Job Summary

The Sabbath School extension leader is to keep in contact with all Sabbath School members who are absent from Sabbath School because of illness or discouragement

Job Duties

1. It is the responsibility of the extension division leader to:

A. Work under the direction of the Sabbath School and church membership chairman

B. Keep in touch with members who are not able to attend the main Sabbath School regularly, no less than once per quarter

C. Consult with the pastor, membership chairman, Sabbath School secretary, church clerk and any other source to learn of those eligible to be enrolled in the extension division

D. Maintain contact with all extension division members by visits if at all possible, or by letter or telephone E. Serve as a member of the Sabbath School council

F. Submit a complete report of the membership and offerings of the extension division to the Sabbath School secretary at the close of each quarter

2. It is the responsibility of the extension division assistant leader(s) to:

A. Work essentially in the same way as the leader, outlined above

B. Maintain, as assigned by the leader, contact with ten extension division members or major fraction thereof, by visits, letters or telephone; work with those members in the same ways as indicated for the leader; supply reports to the leader each quarter on the members cared for

Job Relationships

The extension division leader is responsible to the general Sabbath School superintendent. The assistant extension division leaders are responsible to the leader.