Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Standifer Gap Seventh-day Adventist Church Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA




Job Summary

The Junior and Earliteen leader is responsible for planning and carrying out the programs for the division.

Job Duties

1. Promote the Sabbath School objectives of:

A. Every young person in regular attendance at Sabbath School

B. Daily study of the Bible

C. Systematic offerings for missions

*2. Call a division staff meeting quarterly to discuss aims, goals, and programs

*3. Schedule the leader and assistants for program leadership responsibility

*4. Near the end of the third quarter discuss with the Sabbath School council the numbers of items needed on the standing order list of supplies to be ordered from the Adventist Book Center

*5. Purchase, from the money budgeted, items needed for developing and maintaining division supplies

*6. Give a written report of expenditures quarterly to the Sabbath School Council

7. Identify the spiritual needs of young people through personal observation and communication

8. Encourage the young people to take a definite stand for Christ

9. Be present before the young people arrive

10. Cheerfully welcome the young people as they arrive

11. Take the class record

12. Prepare for and lead out in the Sabbath School program

13. Make sure that absentee members receive the "Guide"

14. Encourage the young people to take a definite stand for Christ

15. Plan and organize additional spiritual and social activities that will enhance the spiritual growth of the young people

16. Work with the investment secretary in promoting investment in your division

17. Keep the inventory up-to-date and room attractive

18. Encourage teachers to maintain a high spiritual tone at all times

19. Support the Vacation Bible school program

Job Relationships

The Junior and Earliteen division leader is responsible to the general Sabbath School superintendent, is a member of the Sabbath School council, and represents the Junior and Earliteen divisions at the council. The leader is to attend workshops held by the conference. The assistant leaders, teachers and pianist are responsible to the division leader.

*Leaders only