Church COVID Safety Committee

COVID Safety Policy

(Shown with Church Board alterations)

  • Encourage social distancing and masks
  • Place sign at doorways asking parents to keep their children/family home if:
    • Anyone has signs or symptoms of COVID-19
    • Fever in the last 24 hours
    • Medication recently taken to reduce/prevent an elevated temperature
  • Wash hands frequently & prior to entering space
  • Functions with low number of people (around 5) can be up to the functions leader for mask and distancing recommendations
  • Place hand sanitizer station outside the entryway of all children’s Sabbath School rooms and other spaces
  • Cradle Roll & Kindergarten:
    • Each child should have their own individual toys
    • Continue sanitizing toys each week
  • Process to follow if someone tests positive for COVID-19, within 48 hours of church activity attendance:
    • Church secretary should notify the church members, via email, of potential exposure
    • The person’s identity will not be revealed, but the church will be notified as a whole, that a person in a certain class or area has tested positive and to watch for signs and symptoms of COVID-19
    • Suggested Script to use in the email - “A person tested positive for COVID-19 within 48 hrs of their church service visit on _____ (date). They attended the _____ Sabbath School and/or sat in this region __________ of the church sanctuary. Please monitor for symptoms of COVID-19 per CDC guidelines and consult with your physician for further help.”
    • If the person who tested positive was present in a Sabbath School room, close the specific Sabbath School for one Sabbath