Family Life

Mental Health Sabbath -
Dec 17, 2022, 10 AM

Speaker - David Sherwood, PhD Candidate in Marriage and Family Therapy

Also meet our new school counselor and members who work in the field.

Mental Health Coach/First Responder Training

1 in 5 people suffer from a mental health problem each year. Most never get treatment. Those who do wait an average of 11 years from the onset of symptoms! 75% of these disorders are in place by age 24. But there is hope! Research shows that people are more likely to seek help from a church than a mental health care provider. We can make a difference! Join us!

The American Association of Christian Counselors is offering a 42-hour, online, at-your-own-pace, biblically-based, clinically-excellent training specifically for church members. Currently, the AACC's Light University has waived the $2400 tuition for this course due to the mental health crisis. "Contact Us" for an incentive related to the $54 technology fee, or to connect with our group working on this together.

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Next Blood Drive - 3/25/2023

Give anytime at Blood Assurance Donor Centers with our code: 9001402
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How We Love Small Group

Next group planned for early 2023. If you're interested, contact Brian Burgess at [email protected] or 423-637-9412.

How We Love Seminar

From January 22, 2022

- Part 1 "As a Man Thinketh... My Story"

- Part 2 "...So Shall We Be"

- Part 3 "Healing Relational Blind Spots"
(Pleaser, Controller and Victim)

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