Coronavirus Church Updates

Beginning Sabbath, May 1, we will discontinue our COVID safety policies for church, S.S. classes, and any other church functions. There will be no mandated face coverings (masks or shields) or social distancing. More details below.

Services & Programs Updates:

  • Indoor Church remaining at 10:00 AM on Sabbaths and will also be available on Livestream
  • Sabbath Schools
    • General Adult Sabbath School in Sanctuary alcove after Church Service. This will no longer be available through Livestream, but many Adult Sabbath School Classes may still be available for joining over Zoom.
    • All children/youth Sabbath Schools meeting in normal rooms after church service
    • Contact your Sabbath School Teacher and/or Sheryl Stull for more details
  • Potlucks - still cancelled until further notice
  • All seminars – remain postponed until future